they moved the manse??

In May, our minister at Walton, Rev. Gill, made it a point during Sunday morning announcements to assure the congregation that he still lives in the same location.

The manse that he lives in is not the original manse.  Due to the original one’s location, they sold it as they were able to make money on the sale, buy a new manse and still have money left over.

But when the City wanted to keep the old manse (it’s an historical building now), they moved the building and then sold the land for a new development.  However, the newspaper article about the move made it sound like Rev. Gill moved too.

Walton’s manse moves on”  (no reference to “old”)
When the girls heard that they had moved a building, they wanted to see!
Old location!
144 Bronte Rd
New location!
39 Jones St
And here’s a video of the moving house!

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