motivated monday: getting better

Thanks to Sober Julie for starting
Motivated Monday!

The beginning of week 3!!

I can say things are definitely better than 2 weeks ago.  My ticker says I’ve lost 7 lbs…and 3 of those were last week!!

I have cut back on the junk food and increased my exercise.  My water consumption is up; not consistent yet, but I’m getting there.

My biggest hurdle right now is eating enough fruits and vegetables.  I think that goes back to my issue with needing to learn to plan my meals.  is definitely helping me.  Seeing how many calories different foods are is a huge deterrent for wanting to eat too much of a bad thing.  Plus I can keep track of all the water I’ve been drinking and the exercise I’ve been doing.  And I love that I have some friends on there now; supporting me as I go.

If you’re not using a tracker of some sort, I highly recommend finding one that you like.  Join me on and we can support each other!!

I promise to eat 2 veggies and 1 fruit a day.
(I know it’s not enough…but it’s a start.)
What promises are you making for yourself this week??

If you’re taking the steps to improve your life in some way, please link up your post!

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